Drama Outreach Project (DOP)

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When we think about charity work in third world countries, we mostly think about donating food or helping with water projects. What we don’t realise is that we can add more value by giving our time, love and dedication to educate and give different experiences to these people.

The Drama Outreach Project, originally founded by Alan Montanaro, was set up in 2013 with all this in mind. This project looks at the longer-term, and helps under-privileged children through education programmes.

Initially, the mission of the Drama Outreach Project was simple, to teach English through the arts. A team of people with different skills and talents, would visit Cambodia to achieve this through drama, song and dance workshops. How multi-skilled? One particular team had drama teachers, actors, choreographers, art teachers, qualified TEFL educators, videographers and doctors!

To raise awareness about this project, this entity has also produced a music video. Watch it here:


Drama Outreach Project have launched a song which was written specially for our ngo as a way of raising awareness to our work in Cambodia and in malta.
The message of the accompanying video is simple: children are children wherever they are – and they have a right to education and play.
Thank you Roger Tirazona, Alan Montanaro, Michaela Fenech, Gianni Selvaggi, Nicola Azzopardi and Martina Zammit of V Squared.

Posted by Do Project on Thursday, December 24, 2015