Malta Community Chest Fund

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The Malta Community Chest Fund is Malta’s biggest Charity Foundation, which is managed by The President of Malta. Although Malta has a strong welfare state, some treatment and medicines are not available for free for patients, and this foundation provides by helping individuals pay for their healthcare.

Over the years, the Community Chest Fund has also helped pay for travelling expenses for family members of people who had to go abroad for specialised treatment and bought medical equipment to help with patients local care. This community also has an application process, where small charity organisations can apply for funds, in order to help with their projects.

Funding the Malta Community Chest Fund

This charity provides a lot of financial support, so where does this money come from? There are several fund raising events throughout the year in the name of the Malta Community Chest Fund.


L-Istrina (which is a Maltese word used to describe the small monetary gift given to children after Christmas) is a one-day fund-raising event, usually held on a day in-between Christmas and New Years Eve, which is broadcast on all Maltese channels. Throughout this day, several Maltese Celebrities prepare entertaining acts to create a great show, combined with several short footage showing people in need, and how the Malta Community Chest Fund helped improve the lives of sick people.

Last year, during this event raised more than €5.5 million (read more here), which is impressive considering that Malta has a population of less than half a million.

Paqpaqli Ghall-Istrina

This event used to be Malta’s biggest Car show, with all entrance fees going towards the Malta Community Chest Fund. This event saw spectacular events, including Lewis Hamilton’s Last appearance for Mclaren before his move to Mercedes in Formula 1 and an Air Malta plane racing against a Ferrari road car.

The most notable event (which also led to the last ever ‘Paqpaqli ghall-Istrina’) happened when a Porsche 918, driven by the millionaire Paul Bailey crashed into the crowd during the show, damaging several cars and severely injuring some of the viewers. More information about this accident can be read here.